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Can I use my System One CPAP device on an airplane?

If you want to use your PAP device on the airplane, advance notification is required by the airlines. The airplane in-seat electrical power is available on a limited number of aircrafts so you will need to check with your airline and they will let you know of any requirements and restrictions that apply. If a power supply is available, you’ll have the ability to power your PAP machine on board the plane. The airline will let you know what type of power outlet is available in flight and you will be able to purchase the needed adapters if required.

Note: The most common type of power outlet on airplanes these days is called EmPower. You can buy an EmPower-to-12V adapter, and then hook your PAP machine up using the Philips Shielded DC Cord PN 1097568 for 60 series and PN 1001956 for 50 series and earlier.


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