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Digital pathology in life sciences

Biomarker and drug discovery are key in the development of new anticancer therapies. An increased urgency for clinical development has emerged, driven by growing cancer projections and low success rates in the lengthy and costly drug development pipeline. With a complete end-to-end solution in digital pathology offering high flexibility in image analysis and multi-site research, Philips aims to accelerate drug development throughout all phases of the pharmaceutic pipeline. 

Supporting all stages of drug development

Our product portfolio supports biomarker and target discovery, tumor detection, effective tissue data management and analysis, multisite collaboration and shared workflows. By permitting data integration of dispersed pharma pathology labs around the world, we provide a solid basis for efficient and precise tissue and biomarker evaluation, as well as clinical trials in cancer research.

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Drug & biomarker discovery

Pre clinical

Clinical trials

Review &



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Biomarker & drug discovery

Tissue-based human and animal research to identify biomarkers and drug targets.

Philips Xplore1 allows you to integrate and analyze multisource research data in an open and highly flexible data platform. Design studies around any key variable and score tissue microarrays and whole slide images. 

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Preclinical studies

Tests of drug-target interactions, toxicity and dose finding in animal and human tissue. 

Measure abnormalities in tissue after exposure to new compounds.

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Clinical trials & post market

Evaluate the effectivity, safety, and dose ranging in selected subjects and patient groups.

With shared workflows, collaborated image evaluation, and connected teams, we promote the harmonization of procedures atnd data collection that is crucial for global multicenter clinical studies, especially for safety monitoring boards or adjudication committees.

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Training & quality assessments

Throughout the entire drug-to-market process, Tutor3 presents an education and training platform for harmonization, training, as well as External Quality Assessment during biomarker and assay development. 

Tutor enables Life Sciences to fast track training and speed up review processes. We connect teams by accommodating digital workflows and remote consultation with our Collaboration Suite4.

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Advancing precision medicine

Tissue pathology is at the heart of various aspects of drug development from biomarker and drug discovery to post-market clinical studies. Biomarker analytics and tissue characterization and are the keystones of anticancer drug discovery and diagnostics. 


With our end-to-end solution in digital pathology, philips aims to support health care providers to practice precision medicine and target the right treatments to the right patients at the right time. 

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Philips’s commitment to Life sciences


We aim to accelerate biomarker and drug discovery and development throughout all stages of the pharmaceutic pipeline. Philips wishes to partner with Clinical Research Organizations, biotechnology companies, and the pharmaceutical industry for collaboration on biomarker and drug discovery, and development of computational algorithms and companion diagnostics. 


By enabling industry to deliver the next wave of precision medicine, we aim to stimulate the development of targeted cancer therapies towards better patient outcomes.

  1. Xplore is not intended for diagnostic, monitoring or therapeutic purposes or in any other manner for regular medical practice.
  2. The Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution has obtained market access clearance as IVD for primary diagnosis in approx. 50 countries, such as EEA (European Economic Area), USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and other countries in Asia, Middle East and South America.
  3. Tutor is not intended for diagnostic, monitoring or therapeutic purposes or in any other manner for regular medical practice.
  4. Collaboration Suite is not intended for diagnostic, monitoring or therapeutic purposes or in any other manner for regular medical practice.


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