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Atlantic Flip&Juice™, HD3770

Philips Flip & Juice™ Blender, From blender to juicer
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Flip&Juice™ Technology for all your blending and juicing needs

ProBlend Ultra Technology for a variety of tastes and textures

Endless inspiration and guidance with the NutriU App

Hassle-free cleaning with Quick Cleaning Function

Your favorite recipes at your fingertips with Quick Select Programs

New Philips Flip&Juice™ Blender with revolutionary jar design and integrated filter system, creates your drink with a texture adjusted to your family’s taste preferences. Silky smoothies, clear and pulpy juices, all in one solution.

Blend. Flip. Juice.

Flip & Juice™ Technology gives you one fuss-free solution to enjoy all your blending and juicing needs. It cleverly combines blending and juicing into one appliance so you can go from clear or pulpy juices to silky smooth blends with just a flip of a jar.

Easy from start to finish

Totally versatile

Totally versatile

Switch the Flip & Juice™ Blender from blending to juicing in the most effortless way - just flip the jug, it couldn’t be easier. This means you can create more smoothies, prep more meals and enjoy more pulpy and clear juice options than ever before

Exceptional performace

Exceptional performance

Look no further than ProBlend Ultra Technology to easily create the ultimate taste and texture, every time. 3 cleverly engineered, custom features – a powerful 1500W motor, a combination of sharp and serrated blades, and a ribbed jar design – work in harmony to create an optimal flow for whatever ingredients you use.

Convenient to use

Convenient to use

From clear juices to smoothie, nut-butter to crushed ice, the menu of Quick Select Programs lets you make some of our most popular recipes at the touch of a button.

Effortlessly clean

Effortlessly clean

With a cleaning function specially designed for the blender and easy-to-rinse, dishwasher-safe parts, you can make all your favorites without the hassle of cleaning up. Ready to be re-used in just 2 minutes*.

Endless inspiration

Endless inspiration

Download and discover the NutriU App with +200 ideas on how to make your favorite drinks, meals and snacks. NutriU offers a variety of healthy alternatives to your favorite dishes. From healthy chocolate desserts to nutrient-packed meals, our recipes are the perfect combination of healthy and delicious.

Watch Philips Flip & Juice™ Blender in action

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Philips Atlantic Flip&Juice, HR3770

The Philips Flip & Juice™ Blender comes with a spatula for you to safely manage the ingredients without touching the blades, and a measuring cup for blending precision.

Personalisation via NutriU app

Discover healthy, nutritious recipes and inspiration with the NutriU app, your virtual savvy sous-chef

500+ recipes, tips and personalized recommendations

Daily inspiration to discover favorite recipes

Step-by-step instructions to become a better cook

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flip&Juice technology work?

It starts with blending the ingredients, then you can flip the jar and continue with juicing. Whatever you can blend, you can also juice. Thanks to revolutionary jar design and integrated filter, you can have clear and pulpy juices next to silky smoothies.

How does ProBlend Ultra technology work?

ProBlend Ultra technology combines 3 features for ultimate variety of taste and texture just as you like it every time: The ProBlend Ultra motor with 1500W power to drive the blending flow, The ProBlend Ultra blades designed with a combination of a serrated blade for crushing hard ingredients into smaller pieces, and sharp blades for slicing them into the finest texture, and The ProBlend Ultra jar designed with one-of-a-kind ribs to continuously guide ingredients back into the blending flow.

What programs does Flip&Juice Blender have?

Flip&Juice offers smoothie, soup, dessert, sauce, nut-butter, ice-crushing, clear juice, and pulpy juice programs next to manual program and quick cleaning function

What type of blends can I prepare with Flip&Juice Blender?

You can prepare your favorite shakes and smoothies, blend your soups, mix your pancake batters, prepare crunchy pesto sauce or tomato paste, create chunky or smooth nut-butters, crush ice cubes, and blend many more favorite dishes

What type of juices can I prepare with Flip&Juice Blender?

You can use clear juice program for soft and juicy fruits like oranges and grapes to make clear juice. You can use pulpy juice program P1 for soft and juicy fruits to make pulpy juice with fibers in it. P2 for both juicy and non juicy fruits to make juice from mixed fruits like apple-orange mixed juice. P3 for juicy and non juicy fruits and vegetables to make juice with lots of fibers from mixed fruits and vegetables, like apple-orange-carrot mixed juice. You can also use P3 to make homemade oatmilk or nutmilks

How can I make juice with non-juicy fruits like apples?

For every apple you want to juice, you can add 100-125ml of water according to your preference. You can use pulpy juice program and adjust the fiber level with P1, P2, or P3 selection.

Why is Flip&Juice Blender better than my current blender?

It combines blending and juicing in one solution, saves space in your kitchen.

What is the jar capacity for blending?

The blender jar has 2 liter maximum and 1.8 liter efficient capacity so that you can serve the whole family in one go.

What is the juicing capacity?

You can blend and juice 800 grams of ingredients in one go. From 1kg oranges, you can have approximately 800 grams peeled oranges, which can provide up to 600 ml of orange juice.

Is it easy to clean?

All detachable parts are easy to rinse and dishwasher safe. You can use Quick Cleaning program for blender jar with a small amount of water and a drop of dish soap, your blender will be ready to use in 2 minutes.

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