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How and when do I use presets on my Philips Airfryer?

Published on 19 December 2022
You can use presets to quickly and easily cook everyday foods with your Philips Airfryer, find out more in our article. 

Why to use presets

To help you quickly and easily select the correct time and temperature for a variety of everyday foods, many Airfryer models come with several presets already installed. These cooking programs range from chicken to frozen fries, to fish, and more, so you never have to guess when it comes to choosing the right settings for delicious, crispy, perfectly cooked food.

When to use presets

Preset cooking settings are ideal for cooking a large amount of a single foodstuff, such as a whole chicken or fish, a serving of French fries, or grilled vegetables. Simply put, presets are there to make cooking easier and more convenient when cooking without a recipe to follow.

Why don't NutriU recipes indicate which preset to use

When it comes to recipes on NutriU, cooking time and temperature is given rather than a preset. This is because NutriU recipes are tested by our in-house chefs, meaning you can always be sure of the exact time and temperature needed.

For that reason, we advise using manual mode to adjust the time and temperature to match the parameters given in the recipe. Specifying cooking times and temperatures allow for more flexibility and precision, and each NutriU recipe is tested to find the ideal cooking time and temperature. Not every Airfryer has the same presets included, and we want our recipes to be accessible to as many users as possible.

Experiment with presets

Preset cooking options are there for your ease and convenience. While each option is represented by an icon indicating a type of food, the temperature is what really differentiates them. Don’t worry about being too selective when choosing your cooking mode. The best way to learn is by trying, so feel free to experiment with presets. Manual mode can be used when an appropriate preset isn't available. If you’re cooking a large amount of one ingredient and aren’t sure which temperature to choose, pick the preset that best matches what you’re cooking, and enjoy the simple way to cook good food!

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9280/91 , HD9252/21 , HD9270/21 , HD9200/21 , HD9270/91 , HD9200/91 , HD9252/91 , HD9218/51 , HD9860/99 , HD9260/91 , HD9863/99 , HD9217/01 , HD9925/00 , HD9909/00 , HD9650/91 , HD9621/41 , HD9630/21 , HD9650/99 , HD9216/81 , HD9645/21 , HD9247/31 , HD9248/91 , HD9621/91 , HD9623/11 , HD9210/91 , HD9238/01 , HD9225/51 , HD9220/20 , HD9220/22 , HD9220/40 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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