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Philips HomeRun Vacuum and Mop Robot 7000 Series Aqua

Come home to a complete deep clean, every day. Your daily helper on the ground cleans while you’re away or when you’re busy. Easily set a bespoke cleaning routine for each room in the app, so your robot cleans the way you want.

Philips Vacuum and Mop Robot 7000 Series Aqua

HomeRun app

Clean each room, just the way you like it

Unlock the full potential of your Philips HomeRun robot with the HomeRun app. Tell it exactly how and when to clean each room. Then, relax.

Start, pause or stop cleaning remotely.

Create a precise map of your floor plan in no time. 

Control where your robot cleans. Select which rooms you want cleaned, and in what order.  Mark those areas where the robot is unwanted. 

Choose for each room a cleaning mode. Set up once. Enjoy spotless floors every day with just one touch.

Step-by-step guidance, from set up to clean floors. Always have support at your fingertips.

Getting started

Setup your robot in no time with our step-by-step guidance

How to set up the robot and station

How to assemble vacuum and mop setup video thumbnail

How to connect the robot with the app and Wi-Fi

How to assemble vacuum and mop setup video thumbnail

How to create a map of your floor plan

How to create a map of your floor plan video thumbnail

Cleaning and maintenance

Learn how best to clean your device

Like every home appliance, the Philips Robot needs cleaning at regular intervals in order to work at peak efficiency.

How to maintain the robot

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How to use the Auto-Empty station

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Getting started

Frequently asked questions

How to prepare your robot for first time use
Placement instruction
Placement instruction
Placement instruction

  1. Install the station within the correct dimensions for placement.
  2. Connect the station to the power supply. Make sure that the remaining part of the power cable is well concealed behind the station so that the robot cannot drive over it.

How to charge your robot
charge placement, robots
charge placement, homerun app
charge station track
Placement instruction

  1. Turn the robot to its correct position and put the robot on the floor in front of the station. The water tank should be facing away from the station.
  2.  Align the wheels with the tracks on the station (for model XU7100) or align the charge contacts of the robot with the charge terminals of the station (formodel XU7000). Push the robot in and let the wheels go in the tracks (for model XU7100) or put the robot with the charge contacts on the charge terminals of the station (for model XU7000).
  3. Wait until the robot is fully charged. 


Note: When the robot is still charging, the lights in the two buttons on the robot will flash slowly.

How to download the app and register
download homerun app
download homerun app and register

  1. Scan the QR code on the package of the robot. Or: search for 'Philips HomeRun robot app' in the Apple App Store or one of the Android App Stores. Download and install the app.
  2. Register a personal account to benefit from the following advantages:

- Control the robot from more than one device, e.g. a smart phone and tablet, or add multiple users in the household.

- Save back-up of important data like customized cleaning plans for your home.


Note: If you change your phone and you don't have an account, then you'll lose all customized cleaning plans.

How to connect the Wi-Fi
connect your robots, homerun app
connect wifi, scanning QR
model number
flash after connection
connect on the app
connect WIFI

  1. Make sure that the robot and your mobile device have good Wi-Fi coverage.
  2. Select the model of your robot. You can select the model of your robot by scanning the QR code on top of the robot, or you can look up the model number yourself on the type plate at the back of the station.
  3. Press and hold the on/off button and home button at the same time for three seconds. The lights in the buttons will flash orange to indicate that the robotis in in Wi-Fi set-up mode
  4. Click the join button if it's visible in the app to connect with the 'Philips robot' network. Note: If the join button is not visible in the app, leave the app and go to Wi-Fi under 'Settings' on your mobile device. There you can select the 'Philips robot' network and connect to it.

If the Wi-Fi pairing fails:

  • Check if you have selected the correct robot model.
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection
  • Check if you entered the correct Wi-Fi password.
  • Check if the robot is still in Wi-Fi set-up mode: You can recognize this if the lights in the two buttons on the robot are still flashing orange. 

Accessories and replacement parts

Take care of your Philips HomeRun Vacuum and Mop Robot 7000 Series Aqua

Register your robot, 7000 series

Register your robot

Register your Philips HomeRun Vacuum and Mop Robot 7000 Series Aqua

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Standard 2 years warranty

Step 1: Create an account.
Step 2: Register your Vacuum and Mop Robot 7000 Series. Once you have registered your product, you will receive a confirmation email.

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