Customer Support

Committed to proactively addressing the security concerns of our customers

To guide our efforts, we have created a global policy to address the evolving nature of security in medical technology, including product feature requirements, security threat assessment and tracking, and compliance with local government standards.

Security Advisory & Archive

Customers with specific questions regarding any security advisory and their Philips Healthcare products are asked to may send an e-mail to productsecurity@philips.com, contact their Philips Service Representative or contact their regional Philips Service Support.


Any media inquiries should be directed to:

Mario Fante, mario.fante@philips.com
or (outside N. America):
Steve Klink, steve.klink@philips.com

Philips manufactures, sells and helps you maintain highly complex medical devices and systems. Per policy, only Philips authorized changes are allowed to be made to these systems, either by Philips personnel or under Philips explicit published direction.

Please contact your Philips service representative for specific information about potential vulnerabilities and the availability of patches for your equipment configuration.