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Sharing data to make shared decisions towards a shared goal

For an organization to run like clockwork, every cog must be truly connected, so that individual care teams work together as one. Being truly connected means integrating IT solutions and infrastructures to help provide enhanced care throughout the patient journey.

Philips is with you, delivering precision diagnosis and treatment with the power of fully integrated solutions, that securely unite all data and all images across the enterprise, to turn every little step into a clear care pathway step.

Enterprise imaging solution

Scalable and flexible enterprise imaging solution

Philips Image Management solution allows enterprise-wide reading, distribution and archiving, seamlessly accessed from any enterprise workstation. It can adapt to your workflow and scale to meet your needs, allowing you to evolve.

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Increase diagnostic confidence

Intelligent, automated, and connected. Advanced Visualization Workspace is vendor-neutral, providing +70 clinical applications for clinical insights, automated workflows reducing time to report designed to support diagnostic confidence in a single, advanced platform for multiple modalities.

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Enable borderless care team collaboration, anywhere

Secure access to multi department images with our zero-footprint, vendor neutral intuitive Enterprise Viewer. Anywhere, anytime access to the patients holistic imaging data gives the entire care team information they need for timely, informed clinical decisions.

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A single source of imaging information

Minimize administrative burdens, leaving staff free to collaborate in critical decision making. By centralizing your enterprise imaging repository to consolidate archives, you can lower costs and give providers unified access to the images and data they need to deliver better care.

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Put the patient in the center

Every patient deserves the best possible healthcare, and every hospital and care clinic deserve the best tools with which to provide it. The Philips Patient portal empowers patients to control and manage their own health records via a secure web-based portal.

Suites of solutions

  • Integrated Diagnostics

    Unleash the power of fully integrated solutions. Discover our user-friendly, clinically proven portfolio of integrated diagnostic informatics solutions.

  • Healthcare informatics

    Uncover the top challenges in healthcare informatics and healthcare IT and discover new tools and solutions. We partner with you to deliver solutions that help transform your health system.

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