Enterprise Monitoring as a Service

Enterprise Monitoring as a Service (EMaaS)

Video of CIO optimizing monitoring system with EMaaS

Watch how a CIO might optimize their monitoring system with EMaaS. 

Gain access to critical patient monitoring and support capabilities and pay for only what you use.


In an EMaaS partnership, Philips shares responsibility for ensuring your clinical team is confident to leverage the steady stream of innovative capabilities of Philips patient monitoring solutions. As part of an integrated approach, industry-leading Philips experts work with your clinical and technical teams to address your organizational needs beyond technology, so you can truly benefit from monitoring methodologies and systems best practices that improve patient management and care capabilities.

    Infographic of traditional CapEX approaches

    A category-redefining way of doing business

    We recognize that to have a fully functional patient monitoring system and effectively manage patient care, you need a strategic partner equally invested in your successful standardization, adoption and continuous improvement of system use. 


    That’s why we created a shared-risk, pay per use service model that enables access to the capabilities that are aligned to your performance goals – without the burden of equipment ownership and continual reinvestment. In EMaaS, Philips industry experts help you reach these goals by experiencing your challenges alongside you to identify opportunities and to problem-solve as a team. As an agile partner, we enable you to flex your monitoring and care capabilities to meet your changing needs every single day, while forging paths to realize your long-term operational and clinical ambitions.

    Benefits of a strategic engagement


    • Greater adaptability and dynamic expert support flex to meet changing demands
    • Versatile support from Philips professionals adjusting to current needs
    • Scalability across units, departments, care areas and the system

    Optimized clinical performance

    • Standardized patient monitoring systems and workflows
    • Clinical staff empowerment, increasing organizational maturity
    • Interoperability for valuable insights into all points of care

    Cash-on-hand protection

    • Predictable spend tied to patient volume
    • Performance improvement roadmap ensures accountability and annual return on investment 
    • No capital outlays

    Seamless data integration

    • Tighter alignment to IT operations and shared change controls  
    • SLAs and minimized cybersecurity risk managed by Philips  
    • Proactive maintenance of integrations for continuous data flow

    Glowing butterfly

    Why should CIOs move to a service model approach to patient monitoring?

    Glowing butterfly

    Why should CIOs move to a service model approach to patient monitoring?

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    How Enterprise Monitoring as a Service works

    The EMaaS engagement model ensures adoption and ongoing innovation through shared accountability and goal setting. Philips enterprise-wide advisors work side-by-side with you to continually assess where you are to further develop innovative workflows and build clinical capabilities so your team can focus on patient care.

    Pie chart of enterprise
    Maroon bullet icon

    Technology management and standardization


    • Proactive system support and security
    • Improved lifecycle management 
    • Ongoing integration (EMR and others)

    Blue bullet icon

    Clinical education and management


    • Clinical transformation and improvement
    • Continuous, adaptive education and capability development
    • Focused optimization projects (workflow, utilization, automation)

    Aqua bullet icon

    Planning, performance and optimization management


    • Customer success management
    • Measuring, benchmarking and tracking relevant metrics 
    • Data-driven insights, recommendations and improvements

    Payment structure icon

    Payment structure

    Pay per use enables predictable* volume-based cost that scales to changing needs


    * Tied to your patient volume and acuity levels

    Data-driven, continuous improvement

    With EMaaS, improvement begins right away with standardization and continues throughout the multi-year partnership.

    Your Philips team builds on accumulated insights of your patient monitoring system to continuously understand how your patient management and care workflows support you in achieving your performance goals.  


    Based on experience with Philips patient monitoring customers, typical improvement opportunities are often related to upgrading to modern monitoring systems (workflow automation), standardization of workflow (ADT protocols) and focused attention (telemetry utilization and alarm management).

    Graphic of iterative process
    Analytics icon

    Visibility through analytics

    Philips performance dashboards contextualize relevant trend data, such as patient volumes, monitor utilization, asset allocation and workflow adherence to track against baseline and target measurements.

    How EMaaS compares with other operating models

    A predictable*, volume-based cost that scales to changing needs

    EMaaS is a true service model in comparison to a traditional lease or capital purchase. With EMaaS, you pay only for what you need from your operational budget as part of an agreed-upon, pay per patient fee over a multi-service term. With Philips-provided managed monitoring technology, the pay per use fee directly reflects your actual use and easily accommodates the changing needs of your health system without additional equipment purchase approvals. 

    EmaaS Graph

    *EMaaS is tied to your patient volume

    EMaaS is different

    • Predictable spend
    • Future proof
    • Technical and clinical services included
    • No capital outlay
    • No balance sheet debt
    • No finance charges

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