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    Together we make the difference in minimally invasive treatment to improve patient outcomes and save lives. With our image guided therapy systems we aim to remove barriers to safer, more effective, and more reproducible treatments, delivering relevant clinical value where it’s needed most - at the point of patient treatment. Together, we open doors to new procedures and techniques that truly make a difference to people’s lives while driving growth and reducing the cost of care.

    Philips expands its Image-Guided Therapy portfolio with the acquisition of EPD Solutions

    Interventional Cardiology

    Advanced procedural effectiveness. Intuitive, procedure specific tools and integration of live X-ray, multi-modality imagining, FFR, and patient information are combined in an interventional lab. Quick and easy access to enhanced visualization and live navigation through soft tissue anatomy ultimately help physicians to determine the favorable course of treatment with greater confidence and efficiency.
    • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

      Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

    • Structural Heart Disease

      Structural Heart Disease

    • Congenital Heart Disease

      Congenital Heart Disease

    • Electrophysiology



    Interventional Radiology


    Whether treating critical limb ischemia, performing a uterine fibroid embolization, or conducting an EVAR, TACE, or percutaneous ablation, the goal is to plan and execute the procedure with precision and confidence. Leverage our multimodality Live Image Guidance and 3D data to quickly assess the nature and location of pathology and reveal hidden complexities. Receive immediate intra-operative feedback on therapy response. Navigate confidently with enhanced live visual guidance.

    • Interventional Radiology

      Interventional Radiology

    • Interventional Neuroradiology

      Interventional Neuroradiology

    • Stroke Treatment

      Stroke Treatment

    • Interventional Oncology

      Interventional Oncology



    Expand your horizon. As the surgical landscape evolves, our surgical solutions are designed to move you forward. Our range of mobile X-ray systems offer exceptional image quality, ease, and control for your procedures. Whether you are equipping a suite of surgical rooms or designing a multi-purpose hybrid OR, we help you achieve clinical excellence by matching your clinical needs to the appropriate imaging support.
    • Neuro and Spine Surgery

      Neuro and Spine Surgery

    • Pain Treatment

      Pain Treatment

    • Orthopedic Surgery

      Orthopedic Surgery

    • Trauma Procedure

      Trauma Procedure

    • Urology Procedures

      Urology Procedures

    • Cardiac Surgery

      Cardiac Surgery

    • Peripheral Artery Disease

      Peripheral Artery Disease

    • Vascular Surgery

      Vascular Surgery


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    Customer services

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    Refurbished systems

    Refurbished systems

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