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Digital transformation in healthcare

It’s time to operate differently. We believe that being able to fully exploit the digital capabilities that technology can offer healthcare operations optimization, is not solely about selecting the best technology to achieve your goals. True transformation, and the creation of long term value through operations excellence requires an operating model that combines (digital) technologies, people and process improvement capabilities in an integrated sequenced way.

Operational Intelligence
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" The measure of  intelligence is the ability to change. "

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Operational Intelligence fasttracks lasting structural and behavioral change across healthcare operations. Read why Operational Intelligence is a mindset and methodology for accelerated operations excellence.


Discover why and how Operational Intelligence is transforming the success of medical device cybersecurity initiatives and how your healthcare system can benefit.


Continuing Learning

Discover why and how Operational Intelligence is transforming the future of healthcare education and how your healthcare system can benefit.


Maintenance 4.0

Discover why and how Operational Intelligence is transforming the future of maintenance and how your healthcare system benefit.


Strategic Technology Management

Discover why and how Operational Intelligence is transforming the future of strategic technology management healthcare education and how your healthcare system can benefit.

Strategic technology
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Quality improvement in healthcare

Healthcare systems that effectively sync their people, process and technology are leading the transformation race and delivering on their Quadruple Aim goals. Read how we’re partnering to put Operational Intelligence in action all around the world.


Innovating in diagnostics with new models of out of hospital care

Read how new urgency due to the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change in all sectors, including healthcare. A focus on diagnostics innovation represents the fast start opportunity to structurally embed out of hospital care and enable a significant leap forward in patient-centric, future forward care.


Insight: The responsible business of healthcare

This thought-provoking article explores how to create modern healthcare systems that are both fit for purpose and purpose-full, and how to innovatively balance the clinical with the commercial to deliver better care.


Infographic: The responsible business of healthcare

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. This infographic explores why transformation doesn’t have to mean the ruthless commercialization of care. Instead, Dawn Bruce explains how healthcare can borrow from business to realize the best of organizational and operational strategy.


Insight: How an innovated approach to governance can influence and improve operational culture, fast track operational efficiencies and create trusted, strategic partnerships

Governance is a term that, while signifying good business practices, can often be perceived as a rigid and restrictive structure. This article turns this thinking on its head, arguing that a reframing of the value of modern governance is required.

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Operational excellence in hospitals

Philips Services & Solutions Delivery is your partner for enterprise-wide operational excellence is our ultimate goal, enabled by Operational Intelligence.

Maintenance services

Upgrading Services

Philips Upgrading Services ensures that your equipment and technology is kept constantly up to date and secure.

Philips introduces Technology Maximizer program - News

Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity in the age of connected health is vital. Philips Cybersecurity Services provide superior care to the security of the data and devices in your hospital; from enterprise cybersecurity and hardware and software upgrades, to staff training, incident response management and security by design.


*Cybersecurity services will only be available for delivery in North America in 2021 for selected Philips modalities.

Cybersecurity services

Software Evolution Services

Developed specifically for our patient monitoring systems, RightFit Evolution provides software upgrades for central station and/or patient monitors.
The latest software assures interoperability and protection against cyber-attacks and opens up new opportunities for improved patient care. RightFit Evolution Advanced offers PC and/or server refresh when required by software upgrades.

Education services

Education and Training Services

Philips Healthcare Education and Training Services help unlock the full potential of your staff, technology, and organization through innovative, meaningful, and evidence-based healthcare education.

Maintenance services

Maintenance Services

Philips Maintenance Services helps you drive performance, usability and interoperability by keeping your technology sustainable and reliable. 

Managed technology services

Managed Technology Services

Philips Managed Technology Services is a comprehensive, outcome based service and solutions programme designed to help you in managing and optimizing your healthcare technology. 

Healthcare transformation services

Healthcare Transformation Services

Philips Healthcare Transformation Services help you achieve clinical excellence and operational efficiency while improving financial performance and delivering quality patient care.

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